Silhouette not cutting all the way through

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Please note that all Support for the Cameo cutters and software is handled by Silhouette America. You can contact their support team at 1-800-859-8243.


First, blade position may likely be an issue if the blade had been removed recently to adjust the blade level or if it has not ever actually worked correctly. The blade may not be fully seated in the holder and thus not delivering clean results when cutting, or the lock lever may simply not have been all the way locked into place so that the blade was similarly not providing the correct cutting pressure. To check this, unlock the blade and while holding the lock lever in place, twist and push the blade down to make sure it is seated all the way down in the holder. If using the original Silhouette, you may wish to ensure that the blade's fin is pointing to the right in the 3 o'clock position. If using the Cameo, you may wish to ensure that the blade's fin is pointing forward in the 6 o'clock position. You may also wish to inspect the opening of the blade tip to ensure there are no obstructions or material bits blocking the opening of the blade. If there are material bits in the blade's opening, you will want to remove these by blowing into the blade tip's opening to dislodge these or by using a pin to scrape any flecks from further obstructing the blade. Next, you may wish to check your media settings. If you are cutting with a depth that is too shallow or the blade setting is a lower blade exposure (such as “1” or “2”), you may need to adjust your cutting settings or blade exposure level according to the type of paper or media you are trying to cut. It may be a simple case of needing to use a higher blade exposure setting. We would suggest using the "Test Cut" button to ensure your settings are set up correctly for the media type you are using prior to going through the entire cutting process. If the test cut does not work, you most likely need to re-adjust the settings again and try the test cut again. If the test cut works, the actual cut job should work. If the test cut works and you find for any reason that there are areas not giving a clean cut, you may also wish to select the “Double Cut” option in the “Silhouette Cut Settings” window Doing this will have the Silhouette cut your image twice, thus ensuring any problem areas are given an extra pass during the cut job. Please keep in mind that certain materials may be too thick for the Silhouette and may dull the blade much more quickly. As there are wide variety of materials, we unfortunately cannot list every material type the Silhouette can cut. 


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