All of our Value Series Cutters use Stepper Motors, while our Professional Series Cutters use Servo Motors. 

What's the difference? We though you might ask that.... Both are technically called Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (PMSMs). Stepper motors are Open Loop; meaning, it cannot achieve desired location under load. This results in poor position accuracy while micro stepping. Steppers have very poor torque characteristics at higher speeds. In Stepper systems the controller only tells the motor, how many steps to move & how fast to move.But there are no feedback sensors to know the exact position of motor. Stepper motors are widely used in Printers & Plotters, x-y-z table positioning of Milling machines,Laser cutting machines & Lathes, as they are relatively inexpensive. Servo motors are Closed Loop, which means they can achieve extreme positional accuracy. The position of the motor is tracked by a feedback signal. Servos can produce speeds & powers 2 to 4 times that of similarly sized steppers. This is achieved because of Closed Loop & constant position feedback. Any discrepancy between a desired & an actual position is corrected from the constant positional feedback. Also ‘stalling’ cannot occur because of closed loop, unless there is an immovable object in the path.Servo motor resolution (detail) depends upon the encoder used , encoders produce 2000 to 4000 pulses per revolution. * the one exception would be the Copam Series vinyl cutters. While they are rated as professional, they do use "geared down" Stepper Motors.