The MH series has undergone several hardware revisions throughout its' lifespan. As a result, it is important that you know how to identify the proper power supply should you need to replace it! 

Here's how: 

  1. If your cutter is on the stand, take it off of the stand and put it on a table or workbench where it will be easier to work on.
  2. Flip the cutter onto it's back, being the side that has your pinch roller levers - the little black levers you flip up and down to hold the vinyl into the cutter.
  3. Now remove the bottom panel of the cutter - this can be done by removing the large rounded black screws that run along the outer edges of the bottom panel. 
  4. You also need to remove the rubber feet.
  5. Now open the bottom panel by pulling it out towards you - the panel is held on at the edges with some adhesive. To break the adhesive you'll need to pry up one of the edges with a thin flat tip screwdriver or knife.
  6. Once you have the machine open you'll be able to verify the model of your power supply by comparing the part number you have printed on the supply to the part numbers listed on our site - for example it may say "JK 50 or 100" on the side of the supply - that is your model number.