License is Suspended, Unable to Activate VinylMaster

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When activating VinylMaster, there are a few situations where you can get a message saying that your license has been suspended. Here are some common causes and solutions for this issue.

  1. You have paid for an upgrade to a higher version of VinylMaster (LTR, PRO, or DSR), and are attempting to activate VinylMaster using your original PSN.
    • When you upgrade VinylMaster, you are exchanging your copy of VinylMaster for a new PSN for a discounted price. In exchange for the new PSN at the discounted price, the PSN that you trade in is suspended, and can no longer be used.
    • When attempting to install the upgraded version, ensure that you are entering the correct PSN when prompted, or else you may accidentally install the incorrect software, see this article for more information.
    • If you have upgraded, but you do not have the PSN for the upgraded software, please check your email, because that is where the PSN will be sent. If you cannot find it, please contact the manufacture of the software, Future Corp. You can open a ticket with them at Future.Support.
  2. You have a subscription for VinylMaster, or are paying over time for a license. If there is an issue with payment, Future Corp will automatically suspend the license until the payment issue is resolved.
    • If the card you were using has changed, please use log in to this webpage to update the credit card you are using to pay.
    • If you are having other card issues regarding payment, contact the Future Corp Admin by emailing
    • Otherwise, please contact Future Corp by submitting a ticket Future.Support and provide them with the PSN and an explanation of the issue so they may help you resolve the issue.
  3. None of the above, or any unknown cause.
    • It is possible that a license could be suspended without any obvious cause, potentially due to error. In cases like these, please contact Future Corp by submitting a ticket Future.Support, and provide them with the PSN and an explanation of the issue so they may help you resolve the issue.

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