Missing features in VinylMaster

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VInylMaster CUT, which is included with most of our cutters, is the base version of the software. In order from lowest to highest tier, there is VinylMaster CUT, VinylMaster LTR, VinylMaster PRO, and VinylMaster DSR. Each tier above CUT adds more tools, options, fonts, and clip art extras that bring the cutting software more in line with other Design software on the market today. If you are missing a tool, check the product descriptions on the VinylMaster Upgrade page on USCutter.com to make sure that your version includes that feature. If it does not, consider upgrading your software.

If you recently upgraded your version of VinylMaster and are still missing the feature(s) included with it. 
Check to make sure that when you reinstalled the program that you used the correct Product Serial Number (PSN). Here's how you can check:

Open the Help menu on the top of the window and then select "About... "

Check to make sure that you are using the upgraded version.

If you are still running a previous tier of VinylMaster, you will need to reinstall the software and make sure that you are using the correct PSN during the Installation process. You can download the installer here.
Please note: You will need your PSN to redownload the installer. If you cannot find your for your upgraded version of the software, go to the Lost/Forgotten Product Serial Number (PSN) Form and enter the email that you used for your purchase, or when you first activated VinylMaster. You will receive an email to that email address with your PSN for VinylMaster.

Soon after agreeing to the Terms and Conditions in the installer, it will request your PSN again. Most computers will automatically enter your old number, so be sure to use your new PSN here to make sure that you are installing the correct tier.

If you are still not finding your feature after installing your new tier, please give us a call at 1-425-481-3555. Support is ready to help, Monday - Friday, 7:30 AM - 11:30 AM, 12:30 PM - 3:45 PM PST. Please be sure to have access to your cutter and the connected computer when you call. When the technical support specialist answers your call, please give them your original order number for the cutter to expedite assistance. You can find your order number on your account with USCutter.com, Amazon, or eBay.


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