Vinylmaster won't cut after Computer Update

Modified on: 2019-09-11 08:57:50 -0700

Sometimes, after a major computer update such as Windows updating, or making a major change to your computer like installing a new processor or graphics card, you may find that your are unable to send jobs to the cutter from Vinylmaster, or save your work, as in the image below.

When this happens, usually it's because the software became deactivated after your update. To fix this, you can just activate the product by choosing Help > Activate Product...

And then hitting activate. 

If your software PSN is already registered in the program, it should just activate the software. Otherwise, you may need to enter your PSN in order to activate the software. If you do not have your PSN, you can try to find out How to locate your PSN for VinylMaster.

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