How to locate your PSN for VinylMaster

Modified on: 2019-11-04 07:18:05 -0800

Your PSN is your key to the software, and you need to have it if you want to download the software, or move it from one computer to another. If you already have the software installed and activated on your computer, but you have lost the PSN, you can find it in VinylMaster if you have the latest version.

1. Click on "Help" and then "About..."

2. You can find your PSN in the "About..." window labeled as "Product PSN:"

Note: This information will only be available if you have the version of VinylMaster, with the "Updated:" date matching the one in the picture above, or newer. If you cannot find your PSN using this method, go to the Lost/Forgotten Product Serial Number (PSN) Form and enter the email that you used when you first activated VinylMaster. You will receive an email to that email address with your PSN for VinylMaster.

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