Cutter is Cutting Jobs Too Big or Too Small. Calibrating Cutter Scale in VinylMaster

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If you cut a long or wide job, and you notice that it did not cut it to the size that you set it to in VinylMaster, there is calibration you can do to make the scaling more accurate.

1. Open the Vinyl Spooler window in VinylMaster. You can find it by going to File > Cut/Plot > Vinyl Spooler

2. Select the Calibration tab in the Vinyl Spooler, and the choose "Cutter Scale."

3. Ensure that cutter is ready to receive a job, then then click "Cut Test" to send a test box to the cutter.

The test box is 200 mm wide and 250 mm long by default, and will display in the default measurement your software is set to, inches in this case. If you want the test box to be bigger or smaller when you cut it, you can adjust the values in the "Width" and "Length" boxes before you hit "Cut Test", but if you make the box too small, you may lose precision during calibration. If you hover over the values in the Width and Length fields, it will display the values in other units as well.

4. After the cutter has finished cutting the test box, you will need to accurately measure the Width of Length of the box, and replace the default values with actual dimensions of the box that was cut, so the software can adjust the calibration. We recommend measuring the box in millimeters if possible, because they are more precise, and have a smaller margin of error than inches.

If you a measurement in millimeters as above, such as "500 mm" and then press enter, it will automatically convert into the default unit in your software.

Click "Update" and then "Yes" on the confirmation window, the software will be calibrated to adjust to the values you measured. This should allow the cutter to cut the exact dimensions of anything that you put into VinylMaster.

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