Sure Cuts a Lot 4 Pro - Locating Serial Number and Download Link

Modified on: 2019-06-20 07:28:36 -0700

While Sure Cuts a Lot 3 Pro came with a physical disc that had a serial number on the back, Sure Cuts a Lot 4 Pro serial numbers are obtained online using a redemption code. 

1.  Locate the redemption card that came with your order.  It is roughly the size of a large gift card.

2.  Locate and remove the silver scratch off section shown in red below.

3. The code will look something like "SCAP4-xxxxxxxxx", with the x's being numbers. Once you have that, proceed to step 4.

4. Go to the Craft Edge Redeem Code website,  or .  You are in the right place if your page looks like the image below.

5. Enter in a First and Last Name into the Name box

6. Enter in an email address. This should be the same email address you would use if you ever lose your code and need it sent to you.

7. Enter the numbers from the card into the Redeem Code box so that it matches the format shown on the site

8. Hit Submit and if the information you entered is correct, the page will refresh and give you a 25 digit serial number, and the links to download Sure Cuts a Lot 4 Pro for either Windows or MacOS. Select the version you need and begin download.

    Do not close the page yet. You will want to write down the serial number from this page as you cannot redeem the code again should you close the site.  *If you do happen to close the site before copying down the serial number, you will need     to go to Craft Edge's site for "Lost Serial Number"

9. Follow the rest of the onscreen steps to complete your installation of Sure Cuts a Lot 4 Pro and happy cutting! 

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