Laserpoint 3 on-machine calibration

Modified on: 2018-05-02 10:12:35 -0700

Laserpoint 3 on-machine calibration 

  1. Load a blank piece of paper into the cutter and have the pen tool loaded into the carriage arm. 

  1. Turn the machine on while holding down the right arrow key on the cutter. 

  1. Release your finger from the right arrow key once the screen on the cutter says "Welcome..." 

  1. The screen should say "move to blank". Use the arrow keys on the cutter to move the pen to the center of the piece of paper and press the origin button. 

  1. Press the enter key on the cutter. The cutter should draw and scan an "L" shape. 

  1. The screen of the cutter will display "success" if the calibration happens properly. 

  1. Press the enter button. You have now successfully performed an on-machine calibration of your Laserpoint 3! 

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