SC2 contour cutting calibration and steps for software

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SC2 Contour Cut - Manual Calibration and How To Contour Cut in Sure Cuts a Lot or VinylMaster


For the SC2,  you will need to perform Manual Calibration to perform Contour Cutting

What you need:  The Pen Tool (came with your accessories for your cutter), a piece of printer style paper

  1. Prepare the Pen Tool - Scribble until the ink flows and then put it into the blade holder.

  1. Load your blank sheet of paper on the right side of the cutter as shown

  1. Hold down the Right Arrow Key and turn on the Power.  Continue holding down the Right Arrow Key until the paper finishes rolling back and forth, then leg go of the Right Arrow Key.

                The welcome screen should now read "Verify Offset - Make a Mark..."   If not, repeat this step.   If successful, proceed to Step 4.

        4. Press up and down on the Pen Tool, do not move it left and right, until there is an ink dot on the paper.  Once you see an ink dot, press Enter to turn on the Laser.


  1. Now, use the arrow keys to move the dot and the laser on top of each other.  Get this as close to exact as possible.    Then hit ENTER to complete the alignment.

  1. You have now successfully performed an on machine calibration of your SC2 cutter and are ready to perform the steps below for performing a contour cut in your software.


Contour cutting procedure for sure cuts a lot 3 pro 

  1. Have your design on the virtual cut mat and then click on the icon at the top of the program that looks like a pair of scissors over a piece of paper to bring up the cut menu then click on the button on the lower left of the window that pops up that says "print+cut". 

  1. The print and cut menu should open up and from here you can print to your printer by clicking the "print" button.  

  1. The design should print out on your printer with 3 registration marks around it. Load this printed material in the cutter with marks 1 and 2 towards the back of the machine and mark 3 closest to you if you are looking at the front of the machine. 

  1. Set your origin point with the tip of the pen or blade tool a little down and a little to the right of the 3rd registration mark. (you can do this by pressing the local/pause button and then use the arrow keys on the cutter to move the tool. Once in the desired location, press the origin button). 

  1. Press the cross-hair button and the laser should turn on. After this, press the "enter" key on the cutter. 

  1. Back on the computer, press the button that says "next". The cutter should move the laser almost to the 1st registration mark. Use the arrow keys on your computer keyboard to move the laser so it is exactly on the dot for the first mark. You can hold the "ctrl" key on your keyboard to move the laser in smaller increments. Once you have the laser exactly on the dot, click "next" in the program. This should move it to point 2. 

  1. Line up point 2 the same way and click next. This will move the laser to point 3. Line the laser up with the dot on the third registration mark and then in the software click "cut". The cutter should then perform a flawless contour cut if the on-machine calibration was performed correctly. 


Contour cutting procedure for Vinylmaster 

  1. Have your design on the virtual cut mat and then click on the icon at the top of the program that looks like an apple with an outline around it and then click on "contour cut wizard" 

  1. A screen will pop up which will show you your contour job and will have various print options and setting for setting the registration marks around the image. 

  1. Click on the button that says "build". Another window will pop up where you can choose how close or far you want the contour outline to be from the image. Click on "accept" after you have set the outline. 

  1. Click on "print" in the contour wizard menu now. Once printed, load the print into the cutter with the registration mark with the black square next to it at the bottom right if looking at the front of the cutter. 

  1. Set the origin point on the cutter with the tip of the pen or blade on the black square next to the registration mark. Once set, press the cross-hair button on the cutter. The laser should turn on then press the "enter" button when the LCD screen displays "Mark by computer". 

  1. In the software click on "cut" in the contour cut menu. A window will pop up telling you to put your origin point that you set a moment ago. Click the next button in the window.  

  1. The laser should move up, almost to the upper right registration mark. Use the arrow keys on your computer keyboard to line up the laser in the center of the registation mark and then click "next" in the software. 

  1. You will repeat step 7 with each of the registration marks and then you will be able to click "cut". 

  1. The cutter should do a flawless contour job if you have initially calibrated the cutter correctly on machine. 

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