Mimaki Firmware Update

Modified on: 2016-12-16 12:48:09 -0800

This article will assist with updating the firmware on your Mimaki CG-SRIII Cutter.

  • Install the Mimaki update software from the installation disc you receive with the cutter. After installation, it will prompt you to reboot the computer.

  • After rebooting the computer, turn on the cutter while holding down the “FUNC3” key. The cutter will then display “F/W UPDATE READY”.

  • Run the Mimaki update service software. This software will automatically detect the cutter and the version of firmware it currently has as well as check Mimaki’s servers for any update.

  • If there is an update, the update service software will download it and then flash the new firmware to the cutter. This process typically takes around 5-6 minutes and does not require and interaction on the customer or techs part.

  • After the firmware update, the cutter will either reboot itself automatically or prompt you to power cycle it.

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