Mimaki CG-SRIII Driver Installation for Networking

Modified on: 2016-12-16 12:46:34 -0800

This guide will assist with installing the driver for your Mimaki cutter to be accessed over a network.

Driver installation:

  1. Use the following link to download the driver for the Mimaki CGSR3 series cutters.

  2. After installing driver, go to devices and printers on your PC.

  3. Right click on Mimaki CGSRIII.

  4. Click on Printer Properties.

  5. Click on the Ports tab to view the current assigned port. If you are networking the cutter follow the remaining steps.

  6. Click “Add Port”

  7. Select “Standard TCP/IP Port”.

  8. Choose the “New Port” option.

  9. Enter the IP Address assigned to the printer, and then provide a name for the printer to finalize the port setting.

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