Mimaki CG-SRIII Setup

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Mimaki CG-SRIII Setup



Above are the two links you will need to use in order to get the cutter driver and the printer spooler installed so the computer can use the Mimamki cg-srIII. Once both are installed, you will need to restart the computer for them to take complete hold within the windows operating system. Mac users do not need to install any driver.

Once the drivers are installed, you will need to use the included disc that came with the cutter in order to install the stand alone software, Simplecut. There is also a plugin for illustrator and CorelDraw called FineCut 8. If the customer is using a newer version of illustrator, they will need to update Finecut in order to use it. 

**Finecut 8 is NOT compatible yet with the latest CC and X8 illustrator and Coreldraw software respectively.

Once installed, the software sends the cuts to the cutter much like a print job as there will be a spooler for the cutter listed as a printer.

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