FOREVER Flex-Soft Heat Transfer

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Here are a few tips for using the Forever Flex-Soft Heat Transfer Paper

Forever paper

  • There are two papers that are used, A paper and B paper

    • A-paper is the paper you will print on. You will want to print one the MATTE side of the paper using a black and white LASER printer. You will want to MIRROR the image prior to printing

    • B-paper has an adhesive side that you will adhere to the printed side of the A-paper.

  • You will need to pre-heat the bottom platen of the heat press at 130 - 135 degrees CELSIUS at 90 seconds. Once preheated, you will press the combined A and B papers in the silicone sheet provided with the papers and press at the same temperature for 90 seconds.

  • Once the pressing is done you have around 5 seconds in which to peel the B paper away from the A paper. DO NOT remove the paper from the lower platen of the press as it can cause it to lose its temperature quicker.

  • Once peeled, you will put the A paper onto your garment and place the silicone sheet on top of it and press it on the garment at 140 degrees celsius for 30 seconds. Once the pressing is done, carefully roll the paper away from the garment leaving behind the finished artwork.

  • Forever paper is layerable and you will press the different layers at 140 degrees celsius for 30 seconds.

  • If glossy finish is not desired, they can repress using the provided silicone sheet for 10-20 seconds at 140 degrees celsius.

** Forever paper is designed to be used for very intricate work with fine lines or patterns. It does not work out very well if you have large block or thick areas of design!

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