SISER Heat Transfer Vinyl Application - Tips and Tricks

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These are some helpful tips and tricks for using your SISER material. 

• 305 degrees F is the standard heat setting. Certain materials will require a lower or higher temperature to ensure that the HTV will stick properly. The biggest example for this would be neoprene, or certain polyester products. For every 5 degrees you go down from that when pressing material you need to add 2 seconds of time to your press. 

• For most SISER products, it is best to use a 45 degree blade at 40 to 60 grams of down force pressure. Certain materials such as SISER Glitter, Flock or Holographic are best to be cut with a 60 degree blade. This is also true with the new Brick material. When using a 60 degree blade, you would want to extend your blade to the credit card thickness on blade depth, and .25 offset on the blade. 

• 80% of cutting issues are related to bad cutting strips. Please check your cutting strip does not have deep grooves, tracks, channels, tears, or scratches. 

• If you find that your cuts are not closing properly, or the lines are not meeting, then you may need to either adjust your blade depth, or adjust your blade offset. It is recommended to use a 0.25 offset.

• Heating SISER EASYWeed to 100 degrees prior to weeding increases speed up to 70%. 

• If you are using Holographic Material, then it is recommended to double cut the material before you weed.  

• Too much liquid fabric softener in washer will take material off the garment please be sure to use a moderate amount of fabric softener when washing the material.  

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