Setting up your Laserpoint II cutter in Vinyl Master

Modified on: 2016-12-15 09:23:34 -0800

When setting up the Laserpoint II vinyl cutters it is recommended to be plugged into the computer via USB.  To add the cutter into the VinylMaster software, first click open VinylMaster and select File. Then select Cut/Plot and then Vinyl Spooler. On the Vinyl Spooler window, click the Connection tab. There will be an option to add the cutter by clicking the ADD button. Select your model cutter from the list and click Install.

Once the cutter has been installed, select the correct Port Type under Connection Method. For the LaserPoint II series cutters you would set the port type to Direct COM port. After setting the port, you would click on the Auto-Detect (Direct COM) button and follow the prompts on the screen to have the cutter recognized by the computer and software.

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