MH Setup and Instructional Video

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Here's a short video on the basic construction and setup for your cutter. If you have further questions, you can always reach out to tech support.
We've included links to other videos you may find useful.

Setup and Installation of the MH Series Vinyl Cutter from USCutter on Vimeo.

MH Vinyl Cutter Stand Assembly Video

MH Cutter Control Panel Setup Video

If text is more your speed, you can also read the directions for setting up your MH  in Sure Cuts or Vinylmaster below:

In many cases, the first day of using a vinyl cutter can be the most difficult because setup is not as automated as we've come to expect with technology.
You plug a smartphone into a computer and your computer instantly asks "what would you like to do with this phone?," meaning it has not only identified the device plugged in,

knows what port the device is plugged into. Vinyl Cutting software is not quite that easy, but that shouldn't stop you! Let's take it step-by-step:

1) Is your computer correctly identifying the MH?

Plug the USB in from the cutter to your PC.
Go to the start menu and open Device Manager, then open the grouping "Universal Serial Bus Controllers."
The MH is identified as "USB Printing Support." If you do not see this, check for an "Unknown Device."
(If the device appears as "Unknown" or if it doesn't appear at all, you may need to try a different USB cable, or

there may be damage to the USB port which is part of the Motherboard.)
Once we've seen that the machine identifies correctly we can move to the next step.

2) Connecting to your software

Vinylmaster: When you installed Vinylmaster you would've been asked the make and model of your cutter, but for safety's sake let's assume you didn't.
Find the button that looks like a spaceship (called the "Launch" button) and from that drop-down click on Vinyl Spooler.
Switch from the "Preview" tab to the "Connection" tab, then press "Add Cutter."

The brand is obviously USCutter, if you're not sure which number MH to add, the numbers at the end of an MH's model number imply their size.

MH-365 = 15 inches
MH-721 = 24 inches
MH-871 = 34 inches
MH-1351 = 68 inches

For the Port Type you'll want to have "Direct USB", and then the port itself will be labeled "vid_7447 . . . "
Run the auto-detect and if it is successful, you should be ready to cut! If not, double check the steps, make sure your computer is
correctly identifying the cutter. If you're still having trouble, reach out to support.

Sure Cuts A Lot

First, lets add your cutter to the software. Open the software, then go to "Cutter" and the dropdown saying "My Cutter" and then "Manage Cutters".
Adjust the dropdowns so the brand is "US Cutter" and the make is "MH"
You can test the connection with the button that says same when you send artwork to be cut.

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