General cut speed and pressure for starting

Modified on: 2019-04-04 08:37:56 -0700

The standard pressure setting for your cutter is 100 for non-servo cutters(MH, SC series, Laserpoint Series, TITAN 1), and 60 (for servo cutters (TITAN 2/3).


That said, pressure settings are notoriously fickle from cutter to cutter, material to material, even different lots of the same vinyl can require slightly different pressure settings. Generally, we recommend testing each new material out and keeping a journal or notes about the base pressure settings that work.


The speed for cutters is going to depend more on the design rather than the material, we generally recommend starting somewhere between 200-300 mm/sec, but you will want to slow that down the more fine and detailed the cuts need to be. The ultimate goal in this is to go as fast as you can without losing detail, and as light as you can while still cutting through the vinyl. Feel free to experiment with scrap vinyl to find what works for you!

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