Chromablast Paper

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ChromaBlast heat transfer paper is the professional’s choice for digitally printing to white or very light colored t-shirts, tote bags and other cotton only fabrics. The ChromaBlast digital garment printing solution rivals that of expensive direct to garment printing systems. ChromaBlast heat transfer paper is engineered to work seamlessly with ChromaBlast heat transfer inks to deliver commercial quality prints, with unmatched color vibrancy, wash-fastness and a soft feel. Unlike conventional heat transfer paper found in your local office supply or craft store, ChromaBlast’s patented chemical process sets it apart from any other form of digital cotton printing. As heat and pressure are applied during pressing, a cross-link occurs between the cotton, ink and media which transfers and binds the image into the cotton fibers. Remove the paper and the image area is tattooed into the shirt itself. The overprint area from the media does physically transfer, but washes away because it has no ink to react to in the non-image area. The area around the image has a very light feel that becomes nearly imperceptible after one wash.

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