How to submit your tax-exempt documents

Modified on: 2018-09-19 14:43:49 -0700

Once you have a tax-exempt status and/or your re-seller's permit on file with USCutter, you will be able to enter your permit number prior to checkout and taxes will be removed from your order. To get tax-exempt status for your orders: 

1) Create a customer account or log in to your existing account, 

         1. a.) If you need to place your order immediately, simply add the products to your shopping cart and complete your order. Take note of your order number! For help with how to place your order, watch this video. 

2) Email a .pdf copy of your valid documentation directly to: Subject: Tax-Exempt Submission. Please note your order # and/or your complete phone # and email address as listed on your USCutter account when you submit you paperwork. Documents submitted without the complete phone # and email address as listed on the USCutter account may be discarded.

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