How do I add Roland Cut Studio to CorelDRAW?

Modified on: 2016-06-14 10:28:25 -0700

Please visit Roland's website and download the latest version of the plugin you need. Extract the file to your CorelDRAW/plugins directory on Sure Cuts a Lot. Upon completion follow the steps below to make the button Roland Cut Studio button visible. More advanced directions can be found in the zipped plugin folder's readme.txt file. Select CutStudioPlugIn.ExecuteCutStudio.CutStudio, and then click the Appearance tab.Click the Import button.From the icon list, click the Files button.From the GMS folder in the folder where CorelDRAW is installed, select the CutStudioPlugIn.bmp file, and then click the Open button.Click OK to close the Options dialog box. Note: The file directories for each version of CorelDRAW is subject to change upon your computer operating system. 

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