Sure Cuts a Lot 3 Pro on 2 computers

Modified on: 2016-05-31 13:11:06 -0700

You can install the Sure Cuts a Lot 3 Pro software on 2 computers at one time. If you decide to install on a 3rd computer then you will need to choose which computer you are willing to deactivate so that you can activate it on another computer. You will have to go to HELP in the top menu of Sure Cuts a Lot and click DEACTIVATE. You do not have to uninstall the program. If you need to install the program onto your new computer that you will be using and then go to HELP and then ACTIVATE using your serial number and name. If you need assistance with this process please call our support line at: 1-425-902-1302. If you cannot activate the serial on another computer due to a computer crash or formatting and have already installed on 2 computers then the third activation will not work and we would have to reset the serial number for you.

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