Pre-paid debit cards

Modified on: 2016-05-31 13:08:12 -0700

USCutter does accept pre-paid debit cards! We suggest that you chose the "Call with payment" option at the check out screen when attempting to use this method, and contact us to complete the transaction. What can happen is, if the card does not pass our automated AVS (security) level which is a CVV code match and at least a partial address match of either the house numbers of the address or the zip code - our website will disallow their payment on the order. Every time a failed attempt to pay on our website occurs, an authorization attempt for the full amount of the order is "held" out of the available funds on the card. To avoid this, please place your order, choose "call with payment", then call us M-F from 6:15am to 3:45pm at: 425-902-1302. An agent will be happy to assist you.

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