What application tape should I use?

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Determining the type of Application Tape you'll want to use for a given vinyl product is very subjective in most cases. Gloss finish vinyl materials can be applied with any number of different application tapes, from low tack to high tack, paper to clear. The critical determining factors will be what you plan to apply the graphic to and who will be applying it. Clear transfer tape is often easier for novices and customers or when making layered graphics. It allows you to clearly see through the material to the surface it's intended for and allows you to align registration marks with ease. Paper application tape allows you to see through it to a much lesser degree and is more translucent or milky. It will be appropriate for the majority of jobs and materials and paper app. tape is better when applying to contoured or textured surfaces because it isn't as rigid as the clear plastic tape. Take note of the one major exception: The only recommended application tape for use with Oracal 631, or ANY matte finish vinyl is the Oracal HT55. Use of Rtape AT60 (or any medium tack application tape) is strongly discouraged as it is not intended for matte finish materials.

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