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To help our Technical Support reps get a better picture of the source of some problems, we have access to a remote session tool that allows us to connect with your computer. With this we can check connection settings and software errors and provide more direct assistance.

When it is determined that remote assistance may be needed, we will direct you to logmein123.com. Here you will enter in a 6-digit code that is generated by the Support agent you are interacting with. Submitting this code will enable you to download a small file that will beginning the connection process. Depending on your computer's operating system there may be a number of permissions windows you will need to agree with before the agent becomes fully connected.

  • You will need an active internet connection for us to provide remote support. Some network and computer permissions may prevent us from connecting to you.
  • Not all issues require that we will need to log into your computer. Tool use is at the Support rep's discretion.
  • If we suggest a remote session but you are uncomfortable with the idea of us accessing your computer, we may be able to walk you through the troubleshooting. In some of situations we may need additional images or screenshots.
  • Some challenging or strange issues may require a remote session to identify, and without one we might not be able to properly assist you.

If you are typing in the web address and it is slightly wrong, it can route you to a wide number of incorrect sites - make sure you enter it correctly or use the link above.

This is what the website should look like.

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