Export Plug-ins for SignCut Pro

Modified on: 2018-07-12 07:25:26 -0700

Please review the instructions for installing your SignCut Pro plugins. 

Windows: If you install SignCut Pro after installing Illustrator/CorelDraw/Inkscape, the export plug-in will be installed for you automatically once the SignCut Pro installation is completed. If you have already installed your design software, you will need to close the program (AI, Corel or inkscape) and reinstall the export plug-ins by clicking Help>Reinstall Export Plug-ins, from SignCut pro. See the pictures below. 

Mac: Installing the export plug-ins for the Mac is as simple as downloading the plug-in from the SignCut Pro Website and installing it. Be sure to shut down your design software before installing the plug-in.

The plug-ins can be downloaded from the SignCut website by clicking on the link provided.

SignCut Pro Plug-Ins

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