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Quick Install Instructions and FAQ's
Posted by - NA - on 03 October 2007 04:14 PM
Thank you for your purchase! We have included these documents to assist you in getting started quickly. It is also recommended that you visit our forums for information about our cutters, and/or for further assistance. You can also order replacement parts or blades from our online store.

Support site: then click on the Forum link
Store site: then click on the Vinyl Cutter Parts link

For service, please visit the Support site first. If you need further assistance, you can email We will respond within one business day.



SignBlazer, and most other vinyl/ tint cutting software, interfaces with the vinyl cutter directly, without installing any Windows drivers. The exception is if you choose to use the Serial to USB cable, in which case you will need to install the USB drivers located on the mini CD-Rom. In other software programs such as Flexi, the Roland PNC-960 or HP HPGL drivers may work. Each time you change the settings after an unsuccessful cut, you may need to reboot your computer and power cycle the cutter to clear the buffer.

*Parallel Port (25pin cable)
In most cases, the parallel port will work simply by connecting the cable and setting up the SignBlazer software to cut/ plot through the LPT1 port. Be sure to use the cable that came with the cutter, and not an extended cable. If you have connection issues you can try the following steps:
1) Verify all cables are connected properly and try rebooting the computer and cutter.
2) Uninstall or disable all printer drivers that might be using the LPT1 port. This can be done under Printer & Faxes on Windows based machines. You WILL NOT see this cutter/ plotter listed in printer & faxes, but since it uses a driver through the cutting software, any other installed devices that used the LPT1 port could cause interference.
3) No other devices or switchboxes should be connected, or daisy chained to the parallel port.
4) Change your parallel port mode to ECP if it is not already. This is done in your computers BIOS and is not recommended for novice users.

*Serial to USB
1) Connect the Serial to USB converter via the USB port and install the drivers.
2) Go to Control Panel-> System-> Hardware tab-> Device Manager button-> Ports Verify that a new COM port is there (should be a COM3 or greater)
3) Right click on the new COM port-> Properties-> Port Settings-> Advanced-> Set the COM port to COM3
4) Press OK on all open windows and then close the rest. You may want to reboot your computer when back to your desktop.
5) Plug the Serial to USB cable in to the cutter and use the thumb screws to secure the connection.
6) Start SignBlazer-> Cutter-> Setup
7) Set the manufacturer to Copam, the cutter to Copam CP-2500 (or 3500), and device to COM3, then click OK and you should be ready to cut.



Q: How do I install the blade and what position do I use in for the blade holder?
A: To install the blade, just remove the red cover on the blade which is covering up the cutting end of the blade. Unscrew the blade holder and insert the pointed end into the holder. Screw the holder back together. Adjust the blade depth with the screw towards the top of the holder. The blade should stick out just far enough to cut through the vinyl, but not through the vinyl backing.

Q: What driver do I use for Copam plotter?
A: For Copam plotters, the Roland PNC-960 or the HP HPGL driver for Flexi should work, as well as most other cutting programs.

Q: What languages can this refine plotter process?
A: DMPL / HPGL (Roland Compatible)

Q: I need to know the cut radius, what’s the resolution?
A: Mechanical resolution: 0.0254mm / step

Q: Can this cutter cut anything other than Vinyl?
A: We sell our plotters primarily for cutting vinyl, but people have used them to cut other materials such as tint, stickers, stencil board, and t-shirt transfers. Please visit our forum for more information and examples of work people have done with our plotters.

Q: Does SignBlazer use inches for measurment?
A: Yes, SignBlazer uses inches (in), or millimeters (mm).

Q: Will the Copam cutter work with other software?
A: This cutter will work with most sign-cutting software such as: Flexi, SignCut, Artcut, WinPCSign. You can export/ import files from current versions of Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw and import them into SignBlazer in .eps or .ai format.

Q: Will this cutter work with AutoCAD, Corel draw, or Illustrator?
A: Yes, you can export from these programs, preferably in the .eps or .ai format, and then import into SignBlazer to cut. We also have CAD and Corel drivers available from our download site.

Q: Can this Copam plotter plot with a pen?
A: Yes, there is a pen attachment available from

Q: Is this plotter friction feed or traction feed?
A: This plotter is a friction feed plotter and will work with a variety of vinyl and other materials. It takes unpunched vinyl but will work with punched vinyl, however there are no guides for the punched vinyl.

Q: What kind of motor does this plotter have?
A: The Copam series uses a Stepper motor.

Q: What voltages will this work at?
A: Copam Series: will work fine at 110 or 220V.

Q: Will this work with a MAC?
A: The Copam plotter and the SignBlazer software are NOT MAC compatible.

Q: Can you tell me what additional supplies I will need when buying this plotter?
A: Everything you need to get started except a computer and vinyl is included in the box. You will eventually need to purchase more vinyl or other sign making tools and materials. We sell replacement blades and replacement parts at


Thank you again for choosing USCutter. We appreciate your business, and as a final reminder: Our web site forums are packed with current users who are willing to assist you in any way possible.

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